The easiest trekking routes in the blue mountains for the whole family


the blue mountains You would be surprised to find out the diversity of touristic attractions that exist at the blue mountains Australia. From the stunning 3 sisters foundations to some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the entire continent, there’s no lack of activities to keep you and your travel companions, whether your family or friends, occupied and constantly wondering at the natural beauty surrounding you.

If there’s one thing we have noticed after organizing trips country wide for our customer, is that, when it comes to the Blue Mountains, trekking is by far one of the most preferred activities. We also noticed many parents with children were constantly (and rightfully) concerned whether trekking certain paths could be dangerous. We wanted to create a resource that would help those holiday planners, who are also trying to find the best tracks to explore together with their kids, save time when trying to decide which locality will be better suited to visit because of the easy tracks offered there.


Let’s analyze some of the most popular and well known tracks that have kept adventurers busily walking through the wonderful lush beauty of the Blue Mountains right here in New South Wales. Do remember to contact us in case you need any assistance arranging your transport, we have a huge fleet of minibuses and coaches ready to provide you with what you need, and we love answering your questions too, so send them over!


In the mean time, here’s where you should go when trekking the Blue Mountains with your kids:


Lapstone Zig Zag/Knapsack Gully Viaduct:


Approximate walking time: 1 hr

What makes this track particularly easy is that is set along the old railroad tracks. The old rail tracks will take you and your exploring family to the old Gully Viaduct, which was the biggest one in Australia (and used by all motor vehicles) until; it was bypassed in the mid 1990s. Today only pedestrians and bicyclists populate it.



Nat. Park Glenbrook Entrance/Euroka Picnic Area:


Approx walking time: 3 hrs

Starting right at the entrance of the Glenbrook national park, this trail has very well kept and straight paths, so you will not have to worry about rugged or difficult terrain. It extends from the entrance of the park to one of the main camping stations at Euroka area.


Trekkers will enjoy natural trails that go right through the lush green vegetation of this picturesque national park in the Blue Mountains Range.




Madoline Glen/Birdwood Gully

1.5 hr

Sassafras Gully / Victory Track / Faulconbridge


Certainly the longest trek on our list, this track should take you from the reserve at the Sassafras Gully, along the Victory Track right up to the Faoulconbridge where you will get the chance to witness stunning views of the valley below. It’s certainly worth the near 4 hours of walking time, possibly not best suited for the smallest kids.




Even though sometimes we fail to identify trekking as a family friendly activity, these easy track should be straightforward enough to seed the love for trekking into your kid’s hearts without pushing them into exhaustion. Though all of the routes we talked about are rather easy in regards to their danger level, many of them are still quite long, factor you should consider before embarking in a 4 hours ordeal.