5 Blue Mountains Adventures For Thrill Seekers

Touring the Blue Mountains is bound to give you the thrill of a lifetime. There are plenty of exciting packages offered by companies ready to take you through the adventure, and by the time you are through with the experience, you will want to come back here every year! You should only make sure to derive as much fun from it as you can, taking prior caution about the dangerous cliffs, falls, rocks and paths you will be treading. Carry what is required for both precaution and fun, and enjoy some of these five amazing adventures.

1. Hellarewe Adventures

Oberon is home to the Hellarewe Adventures, which features one of the most thrilling drives around the rocky Blue Mountains on your 4WD. It not only gives you a chance to drive the great off-roads, but also allows you to see a spectacle of God’s beautiful nature around the mountains. This ride particularly focuses on the wilderness surrounding Blue Mountains, and seems to be the perfect getaway from the crowds into an area loaded with nothing but wild fun.

2. The River Deep Mount High

At Katoomba, your understanding of biking will be redefined. Here, you will have yourself a cluster of trails, particularly designed to suit those of us who enjoy mountain biking in the great outdoors. Bike yourself across brooks and rivers, cliff and mountainsides and along half-day trails! You will be introduced to places like the Oaks Trail, the Newnes Plateau, and The Hanging Rock. If you desire hiking and climbing, the place is full of favourite adventure spots too.

3. The Blue Mountain Walks

Many people who would rather trek than ride have no reason to remain behind. With such a vast area of mountainous terrain, you will have the opportunity to trek in places rarely visited by many. As you do so, take your time to experience the views from places like the Pylon hike. Also, be daring enough to ask about the hidden hikes in the wild scramble, the Grose Valley and the Jamison Valley.

4. The Mystery Tours

Adventure travel has just gotten mysterious in the Blue Mountains! Those who have done a little background check on the mystic history of the mountains would love to go on an adventure trail on the Ghost tour of the area. The ancient landscapes, deep valleys and breathtaking scenes around Springwood offer you one of the most legendary walks in this mysterious area of the mountain.

5. The Hatter’s Hideout

If thrill is what you seek for, then the pick of it may be found here. Bell is home to some of the best hideout caves that can be rented. If you plan to camp on a region covered with a variety of ecosystems, this is the place to be. Hatter’s Hideout makes a good adventure place for private groups ready to explore nature.

If you need travel guides and transportation to some of these wonderful places, there are competitive packages that minibus and coach companies offer. Contact a provider today!