Travel Melbourne Series: Carlton Bus Charter

Travel Melbourne Series Carlton Bus Charter

At, our top priority is to offer comfort and convenience to people with our Carlton bus charter service with a licensed driver. If you are looking for a seamless transfer service to explore the Melbourne suburb of Carlton, look no further than our range of options, providing the most comfortable and convenient way of commuting with the best value for money.

About Carlton

Melbourne is a place rich with culture, history and heritage, with the northern suburban region of Carlton forming an important part of it. There are elegant historic buildings, gardens and delicious eateries all around the town and is an ideal place for a weekend stay with your friends or family. The area is quite reminiscent of the unique past of Melbourne, with its deep roots in historical structures and expansive views. There are plenty of events, attractions and activities in Carlton suitable for people of all ages and abilities. Make use of the Carlton bus charter service to visit some of these attractions in the suburb.

Carlton Royal Exhibition Building

Ideal for a family day trip, the Carlton Royal Exhibition Building is a historical institution surrounded by the beautiful Botanic Gardens. It was way back in 1880, when the structure was built for the Great Exhibition, and is still recognised as the oldest exhibition building in Australia, and one of the oldest in the world. The colossal hall of this venue is used today for community events, cultural functions, fairs and trade shows. One of the topmost attractions at this place is the International Flower and Garden Show. Guided tours are held regularly for locals and visitors, and one cannot simply miss this opportunity to experience the real taste of Melbourne’s history.

Melbourne Museum Carlton

Located next to the Carlton Gardens and Royal Exhibition Building, the Melbourne Museum showcases Australian environment, sciences, aboriginal cultures and social history. Various changing programs and exhibitions are held throughout the year, and the museum is also home to the most famous racehorse, Phar Lap. Some other exhibits include a dinosaur walk and a living forest, perfect to keep your kids interested. Explore the rich history of the country and get to know about the people who made Melbourne the vivacious city, it is today. It’s more like an educational day out with some interesting facts and knowledge on offer.

Carlton Gardens

If you are in Carlton by any chance, do not miss exploring the historic and heritage-listed Carlton Gardens, which was purposely designed for an international exhibition in the year 1880. The massive space is characterized by mature European trees, elaborate fountains, ornamental lakes and beautiful flowerbeds. Do not miss out on the famous Circular French Fountain ad Victorian Era Hochgurtel fountain when at the garden. Along with secluded picnic spots, barbecue facilities are also available for some weekend fun with friends and family.

Lygon Street

The famous Lygon street precinct has undergone revival with new eateries and restaurants, with plenty to explore, both new and old-school.  At the southern end, you will find Italian eateries decked in F1 paraphernalia, serving up some delicious pasta and pizza. Wherever you hop onto, expect a warm ambiance as you settled yourself under the big umbrellas. Towards the northern end, you will find the recently opened Wolf’s Lair, Milk The Cow, and Heartattack and Vine, sharing the space with the old-school Trotters, Jimmy Watson’s and Ti Amo. Wander across to explore something more, including The Town Mouse and Epocha, along with the Carlton Wine Room at the Faraday Street.


This is one place you certainly cannot resist visiting, if you are a lover of Pizza. It is located just at the corner of Drummond Street, along with outlets of D.O.C. Deli and D.O.C Espresso. Tony Nicolini owns each one of them, and the best part about this place is that you don’t have to book a table in advance, although you might have to wait sometimes. But it is definitely worth it. The authentic pizzas are served quite quickly on the table, and each of them is prepared by Italian chefs. The most popular choice here is the San Danielle pizza, which can be munched upon with a glass of Chianti.

La Mama Theatre

Since 1967, the La Mama Theatre has been locally and globally recognized as a crucible for sophisticated and contemporary theatre, producing works by artists of all backgrounds. Over the years, it has encouraged works that deconstruct and analyse social, form and content issues. Inspired by the ‘off off Broadway’scene in NY city, Betty Burstall was the man who initiated the foundation of this theatre. She and her husband, Tim Burstall wanted to create the same immediacy and vibrancy of small theatres here in Melbourne. The building was modelled based on a theatre club in New York, with a similar name. It has a couple of buildings in operation, the La Mama Courthouse on Drummon Street and La Mama Theatre on Faraday Street.

The original theatre is a two-storeyed building that was initially used by AR Ford for printing works in 1883. In 1967, it was rented as a small theatre, after serving various purposes. The idea was to nurture the concept of new Australian drama, with a peculiar design of the building by architect George S. Clarke. The area right in front of the Theatre is presently used as a courtyard for the community.

Swanston Street

Laid out in 1837, the Swanston Street is a major thoroughfare in the Melbourne CBD, which was originally a part of . It is known to be the busiest tram corridor in the world, and is famous for its shopping strip and heritage buildings. As many as 9 tram routes currently run along the street.

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