Brisbane For Kids: Top Attractions & Activities

Brisbane is the capital of Queensland, Australia and a preferred destination for many tourists worldwide. People come to visit Brisbane to experience a lovely weather, the vibrant nightlife, to sample the Australian cuisine, and why not, to see a kangaroo. In fact, if you are visiting Brisbane with your kids, you might be happy to know that there are numerous attractions and entertainment options for the little ones. Here are just a few interesting activities and attractions your kids will love.

Visit the Roma Street Parkland

You might want to take your kids on a long and fascinating journey through Brisbane’s most famous parklands. During your trip you get the chance to relax while snapping pictures of the surrounding natural landscapes and listening to the birds’ songs. This park is located right in the middle of the city and it features numerous subtropical gardens and stunning vegetation. You and your kids can also sit down and enjoy a picnic when you get tired of walking as well as engage in fun activities such as flying a kite.

Visit the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

This is the place to go to if you want to keep a koala in your arms and snap gorgeous pictures of the two of you. The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is a popular tourist destination in Brisbane, particularly for families with kids. Apart from koalas, here you can also see many types of wildlife animals including kangaroos. Visitors are allowed to pet the animals as well as feed them and your kids will definitely love the experience. The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is opened from 9am to 5pm and during your adventure you also have the chance to see a plethora of stunning natural landscapes.

Visit Iddlywinks JJs Dance and PlayCafe

This place is perfect for kids up to 11 years old as it features a space to dance and play all day long. The Iddlywinks JJs Dance and PlayCafe is a family operated business and it features 3 levels of play, suitable for both boys and girls. Babies can enjoy specially designed play pens, the kids under 3 years old can have fun in a castle-themed area and kids from 3 to 11 years old can enjoy lane speed slides, interactive games, ball fountains, and others. Your kids can also participate in various dance classes, depending on their age and preferences.

Lollipops Playland Strathpine

This is one of Brisbane’s biggest and most appreciated play centres for kids. It features 3 play levels for bigger kids and 3 play levels for toddlers and babies. If you visit this play centre, your kids can enjoy many trampolines, slides, castles, party rooms, and multiple other interesting and entertaining games. This place is filled with colours and attractive decorations to make every child feel special while spending time here. Parents can also enjoy free Wi-Fi connectivity during their stay at the Lollipops Playland Strathpine as well as a quality coffee shop and numerous food options.

Visit Laserzone

This entertainment centre in Brisbane is open 7 days a week and you shouldn’t miss out on it during your vacation in Brisbane. Laserzone is the best place in Brisbane if you want to play laser tag. Also, here you can enjoy bumper cars, stunning interior decorations, a multitude of video games, and great music to make your experience perfect. You might be happy to know that Laserzone is one of the few places in Brisbane where you are allowed to bring foods from outside with you. Regardless of the time of the year, you will always have great fun if you visit Laserzone with your family members.

Bounce Tingalpa

This is an indoor trampoline centre in Brisbane where you get the chance to jump as high as you can get. The Bounce Tingalpa centre is air conditioned and it features numerous soft trampolines, allowing you and your family members to have a thrilling yet safe experience. Some trampolines allow you to perform slam dunks while in the air as well as many interesting moves. It is highly recommended to book the tickets on time as this place is usually visited by many families with kids.

Game On Family Fun Centre

This place is open every day from 9am in the morning and it features a myriad of attractions and activities for kids of all ages. Here you can rent a large lasertag arena for several hours to test your shooting skills and have a wonderful time with your kids. To participate in lasertag games, kids have to be 8 at least 8 years old. Similarly, your little ones can also enjoy a wonderful game of Glow in The Dark Mini-Golf. This game is suitable for kids of all ages and it provides tons of fun.

You might be happy to know that this play centre also features playgrounds and games for kids under 4 years as well as electric cars, video games, robotic animals, and many more entertainment options. Parents who visit this place are not neglected by this play centre operators. They are provided with free Wi-Fi connectivity, gourmet café, lots of food options and snacks as well as comfortable seating options.

Chipmunks Playland And Cafe Lawnton

This is another great indoor play centre located in Brisbane which can be visited by families with kids years old and it features 2 sections which are specially designed for kids under 5 years old as well as kids above 5 years old. While the kids are playing, this play centre in Brisbane allows parents to enjoy a cup of delicious coffee, browse the internet using the complimentary Wi-Fi, and have a snack.

All these modern and sophisticated play centres in Brisbane deserve your attention during your vacation in this magnificent city. To make sure that you and your kids travel safely and comfortably, make sure that you take advantage of our minibus hire services. We can take you and your family members to anywhere in this city while providing the best experience for you to see Brisbane!