Sydney: Cheap Restaurants But Big On Taste!

Explore Some of Sydney’s Best Budget Restaurants with bus hire!

We all want to eat well in some of Sydney’s most indulgent eateries, and all without paying too much for the meals. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world, meaning that dining at the most luxurious restaurants are way beyond our financial capabilities. But you do not have to forgo good taste in quality restaurants as there is a host of them around Sydney serving delicious meals at the fairest of prices. To comfortably and easily reach some of these eateries, you can also opt for cheap bus hire in Sydney with a driver. Let’s explore some of these restaurants to help you make an informed decision:

Bibim, to Mix

Pickles, black rice, hot stone bowls, and great service – all at the most affordable prices – are what this small Korean eatery is all about. And there is nothing quite as invigorating as an ultra honey-sweet, scalding hot cup of fresh ginger tea while you wait for your order to be served. Order a cup at Bibim, to Mix or the tastiest black rice you have ever tasted elsewhere and that is served with marinated beef with a side of mild chilli sauce and pickled vegetables.

Dumplings and Beer

This is a tiny snack bar/eatery that serves an assortment of beers, wines, and tasty barbecue pork buns. Extra soft buns come folded tenderly around a tender piece of pork with brace of crackling along the top, a swipe of hoisin sauce, and strips of green cucumber and onion. Apart from these, you can also order bite-sized roast duck pancakes. For a dinner that is as swift as it is delicious and cheap, Dumplings and Beer is the place to be.

No Name Italian Restaurant

There is nothing fancy about this restaurant, however, that is exactly how the regulars like it. Simply take the stairs via the back alley entrance and you will find yourself in a minimally lit dining room packed tight with chipped Laminex tables. The standard menu has not changed for years, and is chalked up on a blackboard by the kitchen. The schnitzel comes in chicken or veal, and is deep fried to heat-clogging shade of dark brown. While the Bolognese sauce on the mountain of spaghetti is a little on the greasy side, the sprinkling of parmesan and extra wedge of butter makes it much better. You get all these at the best prices ever!

Chinese Noodle Restaurant

While the main room seats around thirty people, you will find lines of hungry people waiting for their orders or tables every day of the week, meaning that you either get there early or take along a good book while you wait. Once you get yourself a table, you are in for a number of different treats of gigantic nature such as massive dishes of noodles with pork mince and extra soft dumplings.

Sedap Malaysian Kopitiam

This restaurant mainly serves Malaysian cuisine in the open air right in the CBD, and is quite popular that getting a table any time of the day is a never-ending battle. You will find yourself sharing a table with a stranger if you want to eat here. Fortunately, they will allow you to try their Hainanese chicken rice in exchange for a bit of char kway teow or nasi lemak. Here, the chicken is magnificently silky and the rice simply fragrant. Order your pile of rice cooked in coconut milk, rich curry, fresh cucumber, a boiled egg, sambal, and peanuts. And all these at prices that won’t leave your pockets empty!

The Milk Bar by Cafe Ish

You no longer need to mourn the loss of Cafe Ish and its soft shell crab omelette. You can still get them eggs at Josh Nichol’s and Ai Mashima’s new milk bar – The Milk Bar by Cafe Ish. But it is not only the mouth-watering breakfast food that will interest you here; the Malteser pie, the old jukebox and the eight different milkshakes are some of the things that will get you running here. If milk products on offer are not what you are looking, then they do consistently serve good coffee. But if you are here for dairy related eats, then go straight for dessert with their Malteser pie.

Many dishes here come dressed with a generous amount of char from the grill. If cheeseburgers are what you want, then note that they come in either triple, double and single sizes, with or without bacon. The prices here are quite fair and the service is pretty fast.

As you can see, there are many cheap eateries and restaurants around Sydney that offer the best lunch or dinner deals ever, meaning that any of them can perfectly suit your budgetary needs. Remember, you can save more money by using our cheap bus charter in Sydney to get you and your companions around the city!