Top Things To Do In Brisbane CBD

Choose Bus Charter In Brisbane For A Comfortable Group Ride To These Destinations

Over the recent years, the city of Brisbane has seen rapid development providing a balance of nature and urbanization with an excellent metropolis divided by the beautiful river. With an easy entrance to spectacular coastline and a wonderful weather, the city has got a lot to offer with the level of variety and accessibility it has. Let us a take a look at some of the best things you can do in the city. Don’t forget to choose Brisbane bus charter for a convenient journey!

Exploring the City on a Bicycle

Regardless of the fact whether you are a daily working person or a tourist looking to discover the scenic spots in the city, cycling offers a hassle-free way to soak up the best of Brisbane. Most of the sightseeing areas are easily accessible by bike; some of which include Mount Coot-tha pathway, Toowong’s Bicentennial Bikeway, the historic colony of New Farm and the natural environs of the Boondall Wetlands.

The choice of cycling route in the city is big enough offering a variety of tours to major attractions as well as few unique spaces which you won’t find in any guidebook. Bike tours are carried out at a relaxed pace to focus more on comprehensive sightseeing and minimize fatigue as much as possible. If this is your first visit to the city, you are surely going to have a good time with some great scenic opportunities on offer.

Glide Past the Brisbane River

The city that stands today is by virtue of its historic river, which serves as a central point for many of the city’s attraction. You haven’t truly explored the city of Brisbane unless you have witnessed the panoramic views of the skyline standing on the lookout point of the waters. The best way of gilding past the river is to book a cruise by Kookaburra River Queens. The top decks of the boat offer an unmatched expansive view of everything that goes by.

A number of cruises are available at your disposal including specifically themed jazz tour that offers an eclectic mix of music, sightseeing trip and an appetizing buffet with an assorted range of local and international cuisines. Absorb the unparalleled views of the illuminated Story Bridge and the lit-up city skyline at the dinner cruise, with a handful of prawns, oysters and crabs to grab against an unbeatable backdrop.

Seek Adventure on Moreton Island

Situated at a distance of 25kms from the city of Melbourne, Moreton Island is one of those aquatic oriented spots that offer a relaxed adventure experience with loads of shore-based fun and water sport opportunities. The range of activities includes the likes of fish feeding, stand up paddling, ocean kayaking and experiencing the waterways closely.

You can choose any number of activities based on how comfortable you are in the waters. Snorkelling tours are another popular choice in the area, as the wrecks offer shelter to coral varieties, sharks and tropical fishes. Experience the manifestation of bird and sea life with double and single kayaks suited for people of all ages and abilities. You can also try out some off-road exploration, as you get an opportunity to ride a battery-powered electric vehicle on the Gold sands. The well-equipped facilities of the area make for an ideal adventure-filled steamy day-out.

Take Your Little Ones to the Workshops Rail Museum

Hardly 45-minute drive outside the city of Brisbane, the Workshops Rail Museum is certainly the best spot in the area with exceptional exhibits that highlight the contribution of rail towards the state’s development as well as the country. The Museum offers a wide range of rail history right from the time when steam train was invented to an era of automatic sculpts that are currently being used.

The interactive facilities make sure the kids undergo a fun learning experience with up to 16 different exhibition zones on offer. A small-scale transporter will take you to one of these areas, thus adding to an extra amount of train-based fun. While the kids burn off some energy on the ride, parents can have a quality snack at the little café. You also have a choice to come prepared with your own lunch, and make this trip an enjoyable family picnic event.

Explore the Den Of Koalas at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Known to be a top wildlife attraction in the country, the Lone Pine Sanctuary towards the north of Brisbane is home to more than 130 koalas. The reserve is beautifully setup amid the natural bushland and the greenery, with a sequence of contemporary, lit-up galleries ensuring that every piece of art is illuminated in the best possible way.

Koalas are not the only centre of attraction here, you also have an opportunity to view a variety of bird and animal species, hold a snake and feed kangaroos in a scenic natural setting. The rare platypus enclosure adds to the atmosphere in a big way. Don’t miss out on the Birds of Prey show to witness the predators in action as they pounce at high speeds to grab the food. Low-priced food and drinks are available on-spot to keep you going throughout the day.

Find Your Artistic Touch at The Brisbane’s Cultural Centre

Immerse yourself in the world of creativity at the Brisbane Cultural Centre with an eclectic dose of historical exhibits, modern and ancient artworks, literature, music and artefacts. The five main buildings at the spot include Queensland Performing Arts Centre, State Library, Queensland Museum, Queensland Art Gallery and Queensland Gallery of Modern Art.

A number of live performances are hosted throughout the year with everything from comedy to opera to ballet shows. In addition to the historical exhibitions, one can also take an interactive look at the world of science. The Art gallery has a wide collection of wonderful sculptures and artworks from the present and the past with a focus on fashion as applicable to the physical form. Given the huge variety of cultural works on display, there’s something to suit people of all interests.