Things To Do In The City Of Newcastle, Australia

Newcastle, Australia is one of the best places to visit in the land of Down Under. People come to visit Newcastle to experience the amazing beaches, great food and the untouched wilderness. Australia’s second oldest city offers a rich history and heritage architecture that is bound to attract different travellers. Whether you are visiting Newcastle with your family or with a large group, you will be glad to know there are numerous activities and attractions that you can visit when you hire a bus with a driver in Newcastle

Visit the amazing beaches

One of the things you will love most about Newcastle is the beaches. When most people think about beaches in Australia, they usually think about Bondi Beach in Sydney, but the truth is that there are many other options in different regions on Australia. Bogey Hole, Bar Beach, Redhead, Newcastle Beach, Dudley, Merewether, Nobby’s Beach and Horseshoe Beach are some of the options on offer in Newcastle. Whether you love water sports or you are simply looking for a place to enjoy some sun and sand, visiting one or more of the beaches will be worth your while.

Enjoy great cuisine on Darby Street and Beaumont Street

If you enjoy great food, you will enjoy your visit to Newcastle tremendously. Darby and Beaumont Streets offer evidence that Newcastle is a fast emerging food centre. Darby Street is lined with coffee shops and cafes that will keep you happy as you enjoy your caffeine fix. The food available ranges from Indian to Vietnamese as well as traditional Aussie pub fare. Beaumont Street offers the perfect night atmosphere with the charming pubs, dinner theatres and delicious bites. The Street offers different food options from the more than 40 restaurants and cafes that serve Italian, Indian, Vietnamese and other unique options.

Schedule a picnic at King Edward Park

For the perfect group tour, hire a Newcastle bus and enjoy one of Australia’s beautiful hidden gems. King Edward Park offers a striking picnic location that people of all ages can enjoy. The park is nestled in a stunning naturally occurring bow, which leads to a breathtaking cliff-side view of the Pacific Ocean. The park has numerous evergreen trees and the Victorian Style features help to create an authentic English feel. The location is perfect for picnics and it also acts as a great site for barbeques and weddings.

Spend some time on Lake Macquarie

Most people may know Newcastle more for its beaches, but you need to know that the city is also home to one of Australia’s most picturesque lake. Lake Macquarie is a beautiful saltwater lake surrounded on three sides by a growing city and it joins the Tasman Sea through a small channel. The Lake is two times as large as Sydney Harbour and it is just as striking. Lake Macquarie has become a Mecca for fishermen, sailing enthusiasts, picnickers and wildlife lovers. The lake may not be as easily accessible as the beaches but it is worth visiting. By hiring a bus charter in Newcastle, you can get to the location conveniently.

Plan a Hunter Valley wine tour

Many visitors to Newcastle point to the Hunter Valley region as a huge draw. Apart from visiting the beaches and waterways, you should consider planning a wine tour in the region. There are nine wineries in the region that offer tours as well as dozens more that you can visit. Wine lovers will enjoy exploring the lesser known wineries. Along with the wine tours, you can also enjoy the sight of the rolling green hills and visit restaurants and cafes that offer a wide range of foods. There are beautiful bed and breakfasts where you can spend a leisurely weekend at too.

Visit the Blackbutt Reserve

A visit to Newcastle is not complete without spending some time at the Blackbutt Reserve. Located a mere 6km away from the CBD, the location is ideal if you are looking to enjoy the best that nature has to offer. Blackbutt has numerous picnic spots and you can enjoy idyllic bushwalks, and get the chance to get close to some of the country’s more famous residents. A small zoo hosts Australian animals including a variety of birds, smaller marsupials and reptiles. During your visit, you can pat a koala, take photos of the kangaroos and even hand feed an emu.

Take a walk along Bather’s Way

An activity that you cannot afford to miss on your Newcastle visit is a walk on the beautiful Bather’s Way. To get a stunning view of Newcastle and the very busy harbour, you can climb the Queen’s Wharf Tower. Walk down towards Nobby’s Beach and enjoy the art and graffiti. The Bather’s Way begins at the Soldiers Baths where you can see the shattered remains of the first public baths in Newcastle. The trail continues past Square Hole and the Ocean Baths.

There are many great reasons why you should visit Newcastle and get the best vacation experience. The natural beauty, laid back inhabitants and rich history make this an awesome place to vacation. When you use bus hire with a driver , you can embark on an unforgettable adventure without worrying about the driving route. What’s not to love?