NSW Attractions For History Lovers

New South Wales is the oldest state in Australia and is home to Canberra – the nation’s capital. Travellers from around the world are wowed by the state’s capital glittering harbour, galleries, museums and top notch restaurants. NSW is known to host one of the best range of historical sites and heritage attractions in Australia. These locations can easily be accessed and most tourists travelling as a group prefer using bus hire in NSW to get to the attractions. Here are some of the historic destinations you should consider visiting while in NSW.  

Arms of Australia Inn Museum

The Arms of Australia Inn Museum is located at Great Western Highway Corner of Gardenia Avenue, Emu Plains NSW 2750. The museum is visited by thousands of both locals and tourists every year. This one of a kind museum contains hundreds of artefacts and photos that were either manufactured or used in the local area. Some of the historic artefacts in glass displays include old sewing machines, a pedal powered organ, old gramophones, a 1920’s telephone switchboard, old adding machines and hand cranked telephones. The museum also displays some agricultural equipment including pre-electric refrigerators, wood stoves, hand washing mangles and blacksmiths forges. Visitors at the museum are offered morning or afternoon teas as they enjoy their tour for an additional cost.

Bare Island Fort

Located at Anzac Parade, La Perouse NSW 2036, Bare Island Fort was built in the early 1880’s to offer protection to the back door of Sydney. The area was first spotted by Captain Cook in 1770 and according to his journal, he referred to it as “a small bare island”. After 1908, the fort became Australia’s home to the first war veterans. This island provides spectacular scenic views and a striking backdrop for any event. The island has been featured in some blockbuster movies in the film industry like Mission Impossible 2. Visitors in the island can take part in other activities in the surrounding water like scuba diving.

Cadmans Cottage – The Rocks

The Cadmans Cottage was built in 1816 and it is one of the handful buildings in Sydney that still remains from the first three decades of the colony. Located in 110 George Street, The Rocks NSW 2000, the cottage is built with sandstone and over the years, it has been a water police station, a sailor’s home and a water transport headquarters, among other things. History lovers can learn a lot about the historic events that took place during the colonial period. It is an ideal place to visit with kids since they can learn a lot of history about Australia that they cannot get from classroom lessons. The Cottage is built 100 metres away from the water where visitors can go to relax after a tour to enjoy a breeze.

Campbell Town Heritage Walk

Campbell Town is a vibrant location filled with scenic bushland surrounds, historic charms and modern delights. It is located approximately 50 kilometres south-west of Sydney’s CBD.  History lovers get to explore living history which includes Warby’s Barn and Stables, Dredges Cottage, CBC Bank and the State Heritage Registered Post Office. Campbell Town Heritage Walk is home to listed buildings dating back to early 1800. The heritage in the town is clearly evident at every turn in form of mansions, stately manors and small cottages. The main streets in the town reveal a rich array of colonial architecture and history lovers enjoy spectacular homes featuring Gothic styled architecture, Georgian Colonial and Victorian. There is no other place in Sydney that history enthusiasts can experience living history other than taking a tour into old Campbell Town.

Captain Cook’s Landing Place

This area is considered a historic site because it is the location that the famous Captain James Cook landed at Botany Bay in 1770. Located at Monument Track, Kurnell NSW 2231, Cook’s landing place is a popular Sydney attraction that hosts thousands of visitors from residents to tourists. James Cook who was first a lieutenant and later promoted to Captain, is said to have stayed in the area for a few days. For the time he was in the area, he had a dramatic impact on Australian history. The location is now listed as a heritage. This reserve interprets the story of the meeting of Aboriginal and European cultures.

Carss Cottage Museum

Located in Sydney South, Carss Cottage Museum is the oldest building that still stands in the Kogarah area. The museum was built in 1865 for William Carss and his family. The now famous museum is run by Kogarah Historical Society and showcases displays from local artists and theatrical groups. The museum also offers information about lifestyles that date back to the nineteenth century. This is an ideal location for tour groups looking to learn more about the history of Australia and it is open every Sunday afternoon. Tour groups have the option to request for a guided tour around Carss Park.

Cattai Homestead and Historic Farm Buildings

Cattai Homestead and Historic Farm Buildings is a must visit for history buffs since it is a significant part of the Australian history. This historic site is located near Windsor, north of Sydney and it is made up of land that was originally granted to Thomas Arndell who was a First Fleet assistant surgeon. The park hosts thousands of visitors every year who come to enjoy a number of historic colonial buildings. There are farm buildings that include a grain silo and a dairy which were built in the 1930’s. History lovers can roam around the area to explore the fascinating farming heritage and view machinery that Ardenells used back in the day. Visitors at the park can enjoy a barbecue lunch in one of the picnic areas set in the location.

These are just some of the few locations that history buffs can visit to learn more about the history of Australia. If you are planning a group tour, you can hire a bus and make sure you book well in advance to avoid last minute inconveniences.