Famous Religious Sites In Sydney

Famous Religious Sites In Sydney

Sydney is regarded as a coffee-loving city, as evidenced by a lot of roasters and coffee houses established in the place. Apart from the love for coffee, however, did you ever know that the place home to different religions as well? In 2016, it was recorded that the largest religious group in the city was Western Roman Catholic. Other religions are Buddhism, Anglican, Greek Orthodox, and Hinduism, among others. A visit to Sydney, therefore, will not be complete unless you get to see some of its famous religious sites from different religious sects and organisations. Remember to book Sydney bus hire when exploring these places.

St. Mary’s Cathedral

Where you will find it: St. Mary’s Road, Sydney

A religious site founded in 1821, this cathedral is not just famous to people embracing the Catholic faith. It has also been popular to all tourists and locals of different religious inclinations because of its ornate decor. The cathedral will surely wow you with its exquisite 19th century windows which were made out of stained glass. There is even a rose window placed atop the place’s historical pipe organ.

Garrison Church

Where you will find it: Argyle and Lower Fort Streets, Millers Point

Also known as Holy Trinity Millers Point, this heritage-listed Anglican Church was the first ever military church ever built under the rich history of colonial Australia. Today, it has been united as one parish with that of the St. Philip’s Church, thus making it part of the Diocese of Sydney. On April 2, 1999, the church has been added to the list of the New South Wales State Heritage Register.

Hillsong Sydney Hills Campus

Where you will find it: 1 – 5 Solent Circuit, orwest Blvd, Baulkham Hills

The Sydney Hills Campus for the Hillsong Church is just one of the 28 campuses that the church has in the whole of Australia. What you will like about this campus are the different events that it holds all-year round. There are events exclusively made for kids ages one to 12 and creative activities for team night. There are also reflective events for Evening College. This contemporary church really knows how to attract followers from all over the world with all the faith-filled events that it offers to everyone.

Great Synagogue

Where you will find it: 166 Castlereagh Street, 2000, Sydney

One of the many things you will notice with this famous religious site is its structure. Patterned from and inspired by a mix of both Byzantine and Gothic styles, the synagogue boasts of an elaborate facade that is more than ready to welcome visitors warmly. A great religious escape for anyone who is wanting to enrich his mind with religious knowledge and those who desire to rekindle faith in their spirits, this 1878-built synagogue will make you learn more about the history of how Judaism came to Australia. There is a guided tour to help you discover that.

New Apostolic Church

Where you will find it: 28 Shorter Avenue, Beverly Hills – Sydney

The New Apostolic Church was a result of the Christian church’s split in the 1863 schism in Hamburg Germany. This was a chiliastic move to be separated from the Catholic Apostolic Church. Known for its belief in the Second Coming of Christ, the religion follows the hierarchy and organisation of the Roman Catholic Church but the liturgy has been patterned from Protestant belief. The structure built in Sydney will remind you of all the rich history from which the church was built.

Baha’i Temple

Where you will find it: 173 Mona Vale Rd, Ingleside

Otherwise known as the Sydney Baha’i House of worship, this temple can be found in one of the northern suburbs of Sydney, in Ingleside. This is regarded as one of the four most significant religious buildings ever constructed in Sydney in the 20th century. Completed in 1961, it is the fourth of the series of Baha’i houses constructed around the world. It was called by its then head Shoghi Effendi as the ‘Mother Temple of the Pacific’ as well as the ‘Mother Temple of the Antipodes.’ As proof of its popularity, there are over 20,000 visitors coming to this temple for a tour yearly.

St. Andrews Cathedral

Where you will find it: 483 George Street, Sydney

This is the cathedral church of the Anglican Church of Australia, the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, in particular. Now, it is the seat of elected Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, the most Reverend Glenn Davies. Tourists have appreciated this structure with its Gothic Revival-inspired architecture. The place has been consecrated and made ready for service in 1868, under the design prowess of Edmund Blacket. This has been known as the oldest cathedral in the while of Australia. The church is a picture of how England colonized Australia in the mid-19th century.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Where you will find it: 1 Marist Place, Parramatta, 2150 NSW, Australia

This cathedral church in Parramatta is the seat of Parramatta’s Catholic Bishop, His Excellency, most Reverend Vincent Long Van Nguyen. The first ever mass held in the cathedral dates back to 1803 but the church was originally established only in 1854. After a fire hit the church in 1996, it has to be rebuilt extensively. It was on November 29, 2003 when the cathedral was opened again to the public. The church became more prominent with the design excellence provided by Anne Ferguson, Kevin Perkins, and Robin Blau.

St. James Church

Where you will find it: 173 King Street, NSW 2000

This Anglican parish church has been consecrated in February 1824. It was named after St. James the Great. Designed under the genius leadership of a transported convict architect named Francis Greenway, under Lachlan Macquarie’s governorship, the church has become one of Macquarie Street’s historical precincts. It has been established side by side with early colonial era buildings, with the Hyde Park Barracks included. Up to these days, the church has affected the country historically, architecturally, and socially. Forming part of the Register of the National Estate, St. James Church is also tagged as part of the 80 greatest man-made treasures of the world.