4 Reasons to Go Wine Tasting in the Blue Mountains

Breathtaking views, exotic wildlife and a dynamic four-season climate secure the Blue Mountains’ position as one of Sydney’s most sought-after weekend escapes. And while UNESCO Heritage status means you owe it to yourself to spend a great deal of time exploring the outdoors, there other lesser-known attractions that are also well worth exploring.

In this article, we’re going to look at four tantalising reasons to go wine tasting in the Blue Mountains:

1. Wine tastes better with a view.

A lot of the wine that you’ll taste in the Blue Mountains is grown in the region, though not necessarily in the actual Blue Mountains (although several vintners in the region who make wine from locally produced grapes).
That aside, the real attraction in the Blue Mountains is the extraordinary view. After spending an afternoon tasting a few different vintages, nothing beats buying a bottle, returning to your hotel and just basking in the view with a glass in hand.

2. The Blue Mountains are a gateway to Australian wine country.

To be fair, the cultivation of vineyards in the Blue Mountains dates back to the 19th century, though the adjacent Hunter Valley is considerably more famous for wine production these days. While conservation has taken centre stage, there is still a bit of wine cultivation that actually takes place in the region. Dryridge Estate is a prime example. Famous for its Rieslings, this estate is a major draw card for the Blue Mountains and offers on-site accommodation.

3. Wine and food pairings are rarely this good.

Restaurateurs take their wine lists very seriously, and many top-tier restaurants employ

sommeliers who painstakingly pair their gourmet menu items with locally produced wines.

This is tedious work, but the end result is practically divine.

4. You’ll have an excuse to stay the night.

Sydneysiders regularly come to the Blue Mountains for a weekend escape. However, far too many tourists are guilty of making a day of it before returning to their hotel. Yes, you could drive in early, spend a few hours and drive back in the evening—but the whole experience would be rushed and hardly worth it.

Countryside of this calibre deserves more of your attention. If you commit to a wine tasting, you’ll have an excellent excuse to park the car, book some cosy accommodation at a local winery and just stay the night. That gives you plenty more time to explore the terrain, check out Gordon Falls or even take a ride on the scenic railway.

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