The most beautiful waterfalls in the Blue Mountain Australia

waterfalls in the Blue Mountain AustraliaStarting only 50 km from the Sydney, the Blue Mountains are the fastest escape from city life when you are visiting New South Wales province right here in Australia. With their huge protected areas and many camping sites, the Blue Mountain Range represents the best opportunity to get in touch with the natural side of the continent, with out even traveling too far!

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Now, let’s get back to what really matters and lets help you find the best waterfalls in the Blue Mountains right here in Australia, there’s so much beauty to see out there, what are you waiting for? Get exploring!


Horseshoe Falls, Hazelbrook


This one is located in Hazelbrook, about 18 kilometers from Katoomla, a beautiful scenic city built right at the feet of the Blue Mountains. This particular waterfall is good to visit for a variety of reasons: The fact there’s a path going along the bed of the Hazelbrook creek makes it very accessible, visitors should also note that there are multiple waterfalls along this path meaning you’ll get to see other beautiful water formations as you attempt to find the horseshoe waterfall.


Activities to enjoy: Picnic, bush-walking, sightseeing, photography


** Under no circumstance will visitors regret the decision to spend the day at Katoomla enjoing the scenic roads and sights while enjoying some of the local attractions.


Wentworth FallsWentworth Falls


Located just a scarce 12 km away from the Horseshow Fall, the Wentworth falls tend to be slightly come famous given their bigger size, though in certain days this means meeting a lot of people once you arrive to the waterfalls. That said, the lovely natural trail and impressive natural architecture of this formation is worth the risk! For those feeling more adventurous, the option of attempting to reach both waterfalls in the same day is certainly an options, and a good one to say the least!


Which ever decision you take, whether seeking the Wentworht or the Horseshoe waterfalls, you’ll be exposed to the pristine natural beauty of the Blue Mountains, and that is all that really matters anyway. Enjoy! We know you will 🙂


Activities you can enjoy while visiting: Picnic, bush-walking, sightseeing, waterfall swimming, photography


A map to the falls and nearby attractions:


Check this map with the main waterfalls around the Blue Mountain range so that you can get an approximate idea of their exact location, nearby attractions and some places where you can spend the night. Remember you can also pull the GPS locations of each venue by just clicking on their icon within the map (you gotta love technology eh?) :