12 Free Things To Do In Newcastle

Opt for Bus Hire in Newcastle and Explore These Free Things to Do!

Planning to visit Newcastle on a budget? The city certainly does not disappoint. Regardless of your travel budget, you can find a myriad of free things to do in the city. Get Newcastle bus hire and enjoy a great vacation in Newcastle! From award-winning streets to sightseeing vantage points, put your wallet away and enjoy lots of free things to do here:

Visit Chinatown to See a Unique Side of Newcastle

Chinatown is a famous region in Newcastle that features a great array of supermarkets and restaurants. When you stroll through the golden arch, you will be able to take in the delicious smells of Chinese cuisine, Asian-looking shop houses, and more. If you are done exploring the busy city centre, Chinatown certainly serves as the perfect escape into the oriental world.

Unleashing Your Farming Talents at Ouseburn Farm

Looking for fun activities for the family? Your kids will definitely enjoy their time at the Ouseburn Farm. There is a wide variety of farm animals and nature activities that will keep your little ones entertained here. This farm is nestled away in the heart of the Ouseburn and it is recognized as Newcastle’s very own city farm. Some fun things to do here include strolling around the fields, gardens, ponds as well as learning the basics of farming and sustainability.

People-Watch at the Quayside Market

Are you a morning person? If so, you won’t have any problems waking up early on a Sunday and head to Quayside Market. For many years, the Quayside plays host to a market that features a great array of local businesses selling unique wares. The Quayside also offers a fantastic atmosphere and that’s why it is a perfection location for a morning stroll and people watching.

Conquer the Walk of Fame

Now, now, Hollywood isn’t the only place that has a Walk of Fame. Newcastle has one of its own too and it features the footprints of the very finest Geordie heroes. What’s more, these footsteps are scattered along the banks of the Tyne and you can even find tributes to famous stars such as Alan Shearer and Ant and Dec. No tickets required!

Catch the Millennium Bridge in Action

Many interesting sights can be found in Newcastle and one of them includes the Millennium Bridge winking. What we meant is that the bridge actually tilts to allow ships to pass. It is a spectacular sight that may not available near your home. You can be sure it is a big hit because many people line the river banks on a daily basis to watch this! If the bridge is not winking, it provides convenient access from Gateshead Quays to Newcastle Quayside for both cyclists and pedestrians.

Enjoy a Peaceful Afternoon Feeding Ducks at Leazes Park

Head down to Newcastle’s oldest park, Leazes Park! This park is situated in the middle of the bustling city of Newcastle and it gives off a rather unique feeling. The park is quiet and peaceful and a stroll around the fishing lake will take your mind off worries. Don’t forget to feed the adorable ducks too.

Take in Panoramic Views at the Baltic

If you plan to visit the Baltic art gallery in Newcastle, you should head up to level 4. This level offers an outdoor viewing platform and you get amazing panoramic views of the Newcastle cityscape. What’s more, Kittiwakes are known to nest at the Baltic every year. If you love bird watching, this platform gives a great view of the colony of Kittiwakes.

Explore the Grainger Market

Most days of the week, Grainger Market is filled with local produce and local people. While the human traffic can get a little crowded at times, the sights and smells of the Grainger Market certainly make it a must-visit location. What’s more, there are plenty of benches scattered around, where you can take a short break.

Pet Adorable Alpacas at Pets Corner

Pets Corner is located in the heart of the ever-so-beautiful Jesmond Dene. This corner features a broad range of animals and you can find them in all shapes and sizes. We are talking about birds, goats, rabbits and alpacas. This corner is undoubtedly a great spot for the family to hang out on a pleasant afternoon.

Stroll Down an Award-Winning Newcastle Street

Grey Street, in its own right, is quite a stunner. This street won the Academy of Urbanisms Great Street Award back in 2010 and nearly half of the buildings here are listed as being historically important. Stroll down this unique Newcastle street and marvel at the breathtaking classical architecture.

Do Some Sightseeing at the Angel of the North

With wings outstretched, the Angel of the North is a vast steel sculpture that towers into the Gateshead sky. This is clearly one of the most iconic landmarks in Newcastle, and the world! The Angel of the North is designed by sculptor Sir Antony Gormley and it references Newcastle’s industrial past. The sheer size of the wings will leave you in awe as it spans as wide as a jumbo jet!

Check Out The Sage

The Sage is just a short walk away from The Baltic. This is a unique looking concert venue that was first opened in 2004. This unusual structure features a truly avant-garde design and it is no wonder that it has become the area’s premier concert venue. Even if there isn’t a performance happening, you can come here for a great view of the quayside. What’s more, there is a lovely café located here if you want to take a coffee break.

Use Newcastle Bus Hire to Explore the Free Things to do in the City

If you are travelling with a group of companions in Newcastle, it is recommended that you book Newcastle bus hire to get your travel group around. Since you are on a budget, using bus hire is the most economical way to commute for a big group of tourists. So, get out there and see Newcastle in a frugal way!