Accessible Travel In Newcastle

Need Ideas for Accessible Travel in Newcastle? Check Out Where You Can Head to with Your Newcastle Bus Hire Service!

Accessible travel mainly caters to the needs of those with access needs, and when it comes to enabling accessible travel in Newcastle, no one does it better than us! Our bus hire services in Newcastle promise the best in transport convenience and safety, and we make sure that accessible travellers can easily enjoy memorable vacations in this city without worrying about mobility issues on the go. Here’s a quick guide for touring Newcastle:

Best Destinations for Newcastle Accessible Travel

There are quite a number of tour destinations in Newcastle to consider for accessible travellers, including:

  • Blackbutt Reserve

Occupying over 180 hectares of bushland, the Blackbutt Reserve is a hidden travel gem for accessible travel. It is one of those secret destinations you discover when travelling and think how lucky the locals are to have it on their doorsteps. This reserve features a wide range of magnificent wildlife that will easily amaze you. Elevated wheelchair accessible pathways link the exhibits which include a number of different reptiles, remarkable local and exotic birds, wombats, koalas, and much more.

  • Newcastle Region Art Gallery

This gallery caters for all types of visitors, their physical limitations notwithstanding, making it well worth a visit. It houses a wide range of quality collection of works by Australian and internationals artists. It also stages multiple travelling exhibitions thought the year.

  • Newcastle Commemorative Walk

This is a 450-metre long walkway that winds its way along the cliff top. Once at the top, guests get a fabulous view of the city, the Hunter region and out to the sea. There is wheelchair access from the Strzelecki Lookout car park, so your experienced bus driver will usually let you access the Newcastle Commemorative Walk here. This is a great spot for barbequing or picnicking too.

  • Fort Scratchley

The walk to the tour where the canons are situated is paved, though a bit steep. Fortunately, , there is a way around the steep pathway to the canons. Simply tell the driver to bypass the first car park and head over to the canons that are closest to the entrance. In this way, you will all be able to avoid physically climbing the hill, but still enjoy the beautiful views.

  • Newcastle Ocean Baths

No visit to Newcastle during the warmer months of the year can be complete without taking a dip in the relaxing ocean baths. Though opened in 1922, Newcastle Ocean Baths are some of the best to take loosening dips on any sunny days during your tour. They are quite close to the city centre, making them accessible to all.

Best Accommodations for Newcastle Accessible Travel

Newcastle has it all – wonderful hotels, great attractions, gourmet food, fine wines, and much more!  In this case, some of the best hotels for accessible travel in Newcastle include:

  • Chifley Apartments Newcastle

This is a great hotel that features accessible travel facilities, corporate facilities, and standard travel features to suit different categories of travellers. Each guestroom’s ensuite bathroom has complimentary toiletries for your convenience. If desired, guests can make their own meals, coffee or tea as each room features a microwave and coffee-tea maker at an appropriate height where those seated in wheelchairs can easily reach.

  • Quality Hotel Apollo International

Unmistakable in its tunning appearance, this hotel is one the city’s highlights, and for a good reason. It caters for people of all physical capabilities, including those with mobility limitations. This four-star boutique hotel is situated 10 minutes south of Newcastle CBD, and provides easy access to the city and local beaches.

  • Ibis Newcastle

Close to the heart of the city’ CBD, this hotel is an easy stroll to some of the most popular touring spots in Newcastle, including Queens Wharf Harbour foreshore, Newcastle’s popular Honeysuckle, Civic Playhouse, Civic Theatre, Regional Museum, and many more.

Best Restaurants for Newcastle Accessible Travel

Newcastle boasts a wide range of world class restaurants and eateries that cater for all types of gastronomic needs and access needs. The best among these eateries include:

  • Oriental Kitchen

Situated at 146 Denison St, Hamilton, this restaurant serves up a wide range of Asian dishes. This has made it a popular hangout for both the locals and international travellers looking for something different, and accessible travellers make it a point to visit this dining spot.

  • Liquid Gold Cafe

Situated opposite Newcastle beach, this is a friendly eatery with views to the ocean. Enjoy great coffee, light snack, pizza, and relaxed atmosphere while here. The easy going service offered makes it worth a visit for all types of travellers, including those with limited mobility issues.

Other restaurants of interest include Thong Thai, Bacchus, Cafe 16, Scratchleys on the Wharf, and The Brewery Restaurant.

Use Bus Charter for Accessible Travel in Newcastle

Whichever attractions and places you want to explore in the city, make sure to use Newcastle bus hire with a driver to travel to the places of interest comfortably and conveniently. Most of our buses can easily accommodate your wheelchair so that you can have an easy time boarding and disembarking upon reaching your tour destinations.