Winter Travel Activities in Brisbane

Winter Travel Activities in Brisbane


Most people often think that the only time you can really get to enjoy Australia is if you visit during the summer. While it is true that there are many things you can do during the summer, it does not necessarily mean that winter is a bad time to visit cities such as Brisbane. In fact, you may find that it’s a lot more fun than you have imagined. The key is to make a point of finding out as much about the various attractions as you can before making the trip there.

Brisbane has a large number of activities you can indulge in when you visit during the winter, whether you are in a group or travelling on your own. Some of the particularly appealing attractions include:


Fishing is one of the most popular activities in Brisbane during the winter. There are many places where you can get it done, including Nudgee Beach, Cabbage Tree Creed and at the Kookaburra Park. If you are not very good at fishing or have never done it before, don’t worry. Most of the individuals who run the companies you can rent the fishing equipment from will be very helpful, and will happily show you the basics of how to get it done.

Some of the things you might realize from fishing in Brisbane during the winter is the fact that it’s a lot of fun, and will be very relaxing. If you are travelling in a group, you can use the opportunity to bond with each other over a hot cup of tea or any other beverage of your choice as you wait for the fish to bite.

Take a walk at the Springbrook National Park

If you are the outdoorsy type, you can also try your hand at bush walking. The Springbrook National Park is a particularly popular place for this. This is because there are many different types of trails you can choose from, which then makes it much easier for you to have fun at a level of difficulty that you are comfortable with.

You can expect to see a wide variety of vistas depending on how long you choose to walk. You will get to see all kinds of landscapes from excellent rainforests to gorgeous waterfalls. If you are planning on going on this walk, one of the issues you need to keep in mind is making sure that you always carry warm clothing particularly if you are going to hike during the winter. It’s also wise to carry a hot drink with you. A camera will also come in handy if you want to preserve some of the memories.

The Yatala Drive In

If you are keen on turning what is usually though to be a miserable season to one that is fun, you could opt to go watch a drive in movie. The drive in theater at Yatala is particularly impressive especially given the fact that it’s so well laid out and easy to use. For those days when it’s cold and you want to have some fun, simply get a blanket and a hot drink and go watch something you like here. You never know, it might turn out to be one of the most romantic things you have done despite the cold.

Go for a picnic at the Southbank Parklands

The Southbank Parklands has a lot to offer, making it one of the best picnic sites you can visit. For one, there is a lot of space for you to have your picnic, making it ideal for when you and a few friends want to have fun and reconnect in a pleasing environment. The fact that there is so much greenery around means that you will end up finding it to be very relaxing.

If you are one of the more active people out there, the same location has a lot to offer in this regard. Some of the activities you can take part in include cycling and jogging from the gardens to the inner city beaches.

Visit the Elixir Rooftop Bar

If you would like to enjoy a drink, you could opt to get one at the Elixir Rooftop bar. This is a relatively new bar that is nestled above Anne Street, and is one of the best places for you to enjoy a specially mixed drink. The fact that it’s hidden and tranquil means that you can use it as a vantage point to relax. You can also use it as a meeting point with business associates as well.

Whale watchingWhale watching

Whether you are a fan of whales or just want to relax, whale watching at Stradbroke would be an excellent event for you. It will give you the opportunity to get in touch with nature, and you will even forget that it’s winter. The fact that whale watching in this location is so serene means that most people choose to visit it particularly if they simply want to unwind.



If you are interested in getting rid of the winter chill, you can try out some Mexican warmth in the heart of Brisbane. This is a Mexican-themed cantina within the city, sporting a bold interior design as well as the presence of a large number of Mexican relics within the facility. The menu is also authentically Mexican. The restaurant is almost always full, and all these factors combine to make it one of the warmest places you can be during the winter.

These are just some of the activities you can take part in the next time you are in Brisbane for the winter. In fact, the only thing limiting how much fun you can have while in the region is your own imagination.

To make it easier to enjoy these and more attractions, you should consider getting a minibus or coach rental in Brisbane. This allows you to have full control over your entire itinerary, while at the same time giving you an unprecedented level of comfort and convenience. This is especially so when you are travelling with a group such as your family or friends.