Things To Do In Bondi Beach

Things To Do In Bondi Beach


Bondi Beach offers the perfect beach lifestyle in Sydney and is popular with both residents and tourists. Therefore, it is common to hear Spanish, French, Portuguese and many other languages while walking along the beach or in the cafes. The beach is popular for its pristine sands, glistening ocean, seaside spirit and reliable surf. Its coastal lifestyle, gorgeous coastal walks, boutique shops, cafe culture, fine dining, eclectic shopping markets and buzzing nightlife is enticing. The things to do in Bondi Beach include:


The ocean is perhaps one the greatest attraction in Bondi. It offers the perfect place to cool off during summer. The northern side is particularly great for swimming because the waves are not as rough as the southern side. Nevertheless, if you choose to take a swim on the south side, it is advisable to swim between the flags. Bondi icebergs offer a famous rock swimming pool, together with a bar facility and restaurant upstairs looking over the whole beach. Shower and change rooms available in the pavilion are accessible if free. Nevertheless, lockers are available for hire.

Surf & scuba dive

Bondi beach is a top surfing location in the world, with the southern end of the beach reserved for surfers because it has bigger waves. If you like, you can enrol for a surfing lesson. Furthermore, you can rent body boards, surfboards and wetsuits. Furthermore, north of Bondi beach is great for scuba diving- you can visit the Cathedral Cave or the protected Blue Groper.


Bondi Beach makes the perfect destination for food lovers. There are many cafes and restaurants with great views along the streets and around the beach. If you want something quick, there are many kiosks along the beach. If you are interested in a Friday or Saturday night out, you do not have to book in advance. You can always find a place you like for some fish and chips. Furthermore, luxury accommodation is available at Bondi Beach.

Attending and celebrating events and festivals

There are several festivals held in Bondi beach. In September, we have the Festival of the Winds, an annual kite flying Festival. The North Bondi Surf Classic, a 2-kilometre race for all age groups held annually, is a popular event. Sculpture by the Sea is a yearly outdoor display of sculptures showcased between the Tamarama and Bondi coastal walk. Bondi beach offers the ideal traditional Christmas Day site for backpackers heading for a Christmas family gathering.

There is a lot to see and do when you visit Bondi Beach. The most effective and comfortable way of getting to Bondi Beach is via Sydney bus hire services for group travel. We can arrange transport for groups of any size to Bondi Beach, please call or send us an email for more information.