Sydney 10 Events To Attend In August 2016

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One cannot deny the fact that Sydney is one of the premium destinations for event-goers in Australia.  With a myriad of cultural exhibitions, sporting events and festivals, the city of Sydney is always buzzing with activities. If you are planning a visit to Sydney in August, make sure to book Sydney’s best value bus hire for convenient travelling. Here are some of the top events lined up for you in August!

Bella’s Winter Magic Night Market

On 4th of August, 2016 the Bella Vista Hotel is hosting a Winter Magic Night market with numerous stalls and a huge stock of uniquely crafted items for sale. You can grab some lucrative bargains on products that you may not normally find in the local markets of Sydney. The event will also feature savoury cuisines, along with an exquisite selection of ale at the bar. Enjoy a warm evening with your friends and family as you stroll your way through a range of stalls offering a diverse range of supplies.

Good Food & Wine Festival 2016

If you enjoy the idea of having a great dinner with delectable food and a bottle of wine standing right in between the platter of dishes, this is the event you need to check out. The shiny whirl of the wine as it goes inside the curved glasses, and then making their way into the mouth is a total bliss. You’ll be able to interact with a host of wine experts and world class chefs who will take you on a palatable journey at the festival, scheduled to be held over a period of 3 days from 5th to 7th of August. There will be special classes providing lessons on how to create fermented foods. You’ll also have a chance to taste a wide variety of beer under the guidance of Kirrily Waldhorn, the popular beer diva.

Dog Lovers Show 2016

As the name suggests, the show due to take place on 6th and 7th of August will witness various dog performances that will exhibit their liveliness, intelligence and capability. At the ICU Vet for Kids, children can take part in learning safety measures to safeguard their pets in an emergency condition.  The Perfect Match section will be there to assist potential dog owners in identifying the most suitable breed that will perfectly fit into your lifestyle. With more than 500 dogs of over 30 breeds on display, you are in for an eventful day as you make a viable selection of pet for yourself. Also, all sorts of canine related stuffs will be available at more than 150 stalls, and there will be specialist trainers to guide you on everything you need to know.

Aladdin – The Musical

Aladdin – The Musical will hit the Sydney’s Capitol Theatre on August 9. Aladdin, a popular character who hails from Middle East, is on a journey to find Jasmine with help of his magical friend from the lamp. You’ll be fascinated to witness a cast that is an exciting combination of Australian singers and American stage artists. Around 20 singers and dancers will fill the stage with vibrant harmony and attractive representation of the characters.

Melanie Martinez Cry Baby Tour

The famous Melanie Martinez, known as the bubblegum pop artist will be on her first trip to Australia in the city of Sydney on 14th of August. She is well known for her eclectic mix of southern hip hop, R&B, bubblegum pop and other genres that will make up the evening with an ideal Cry Baby Tour.

RAW: REVEAL Exhibition in Sydney

RAW is an association that encourages emerging artists in the field of fashion, music, film and visual art. Scheduled to pay a visit to Sydney’s Manning bar on 19th of August, the REVEAL exhibition will see a wide range of artists from diverse genres showcasing their creativity and imagination. Apart from the amazing exhibition of skills, you’ll also be treated with quality drinks and a chance to meet interactive artists.

Jurassic Garden

Go on a primitive adventure at the Australian Botanic Garden on 20th of August as you explore a fascinating planet of dinosaurs that are known for their mysterious extinction. This event is being held free of cost to celebrate the Science Week and will primarily highlight the unusual world of Australia’s rainforests and ancients animals that inhabited the place. The PlantBank section will showcase how the seeds are stored to preserve Australia’s unique floral culture. There will be numerous scientific demonstrations, wildlife displays and fossil finding activities throughout the course of the day.

Sydney’s Annual Wedding Expo 2016

On Sunday, August 21, professional wedding designers, hair stylists and wedding fashion enthusiasts will come together at the Sydney Olympic Park for an Annual Wedding Expo. With more than 180 stalls available to cater all sorts of wedding needs, this attractive event will allow you to envision your bride or groom in ideal attire you would want to see them wearing on the wedding day. From flowers to accessories, parties to catering and cars to attires, the Expo will exhibit the finest selection of items for expectant couples. Even if you opt out of buying any stuff, you’ll leave the place with a handful of ideas.

Gluten Free Expo

In its 12th year, the expo scheduled to be held over a two-day period (26 – 27th August) will be all about gluten free food devoid of the protein gluten. The show will witness expert demonstrations to update the visitors with latest progress in gluten free diet. Also, there will be a number of stalls set up by vendors who look to channelize their items to customers looking for ideal gluten free goodies.

My Fair Lady

My Fair Lady comes for an opening night to the Sydney Opera House on August 30 to celebrate the beloved original by Loewe and Lerner, under the guidance of Dame Julie Andrews. There will be theatrical performances to honour the past and reveal something new to the contemporary theatre audiences. The enduring tales and beloved stories will charm the spectators with its affection and vivid characters.

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