Minibus Rental Ideas | University Campus Tour Marathon In Brisbane

Brisbane enjoys a stark contrast between the new and the old with classic architectural aspects of Queensland as well as glass giants and gleaming metal that was built more than a few decades ago.

Universities located in Brisbane, Australia, share this mix of impeccable foundations in the past along with a dynamic and modern approach to today’s education standards and requirements. Prospective students who are planning to study in Brisbane will find that they have access to some of the finest Australian institutions that covers diverse areas of study from biotechnology, IT, tourism, marketing, business as well as law and medicine.

Each of the universities featured, offer learning environments that are of the highest quality in Brisbane. These universities also collectively cater for all types of student requirements. Brisbane is supported and backed by the state government, meaning the services and facilities it provide, makes the city an easy and conducive place to study in. To make the task of finding a viable university easy for you, here is a list of universities you may consider visiting during your upcoming campus tour trip:

Queensland University of Technology

Offering undergraduate studies, postgraduate studies, PhDs and research degrees, as well as professional development and short courses, QUT is a university that is globally positioned and provides real-world outcomes for prospective graduates. We do so through our leading academics, state-of-the-art facilities and focus on modern learning techniques.

QUT’s executive, research and teaching staff are leaders in their own fields, and they strive to deliver only the best outcomes for students and create a positive impact on the real world. The aforementioned goal is never far-fetched as QUT collaborates and strategically partners with relevant industry partners to research solutions that solve problems that are prevalent in the today’s context. Students will get hands-on experience in real workplace situations to prep themselves for easy transition from study life to work life.

As Queensland University of Technology is one of Australia’s renowned and leading universities, they are recognised internationally through accreditation and rankings with professional entities. They are dedicated to success and learning as an institution that produces many outstanding alumni. For instance, the university has produced several graduate scholars across an array of international and prestigious scholarship programs like Monash, Fulbright and Rhodes.

QUT also believes that there should always be opportunities for all to learn and pursue a viable education. Thus, they are committed to help students overcome financial hardship and create diversity in their student community through their Learning Potential Fund. This fund allows students from all backgrounds to receive their tertiary or higher education, and it is achievable, thanks to the generous contributions of QUT’s supporters.

University of Queensland

UQ is a leading teaching and research institution for more than a century in Brisbane, Australia. They have educated and work with outstanding individuals to help build a better world in the education industry. UQ strives for excellence through the application, transfer, preservation and creation of knowledge.

The university has motivated and skilled teachers to provide positive learning outcomes for all students, and their strong focus on teaching excellence was acknowledged when they won more Australian Teaching and Learning Council Awards for Teaching Excellence than other institutions in the country.

These achievements allowed them to attract most of Queensland’s top academic achievers, as well as top overseas and interstate students. The university provides an UQ Advantage, which provides prospective students with adequate support, choices and opportunities. This advantage allows students to achieve their own aspirations and even become leaders in their chosen or specialized fields, creating a positive impact on the society they live in. Students can also engage in a wide range of extracurricular activities that covers sports and culture during the course of their studies.

Additionally, UQ is an active partner in the Translational Research Institute (TRI), an entity that represents the future of biomedical research in Australia. TRI is slated to have the capacity of manufacture, test, produce and discover new and viable treatments and vaccines in a single location.

Griffith University

Founded in 1971, Griffith University is destined to be a new kind of university. It started off as a university that offered new degrees in progressive fields such as environmental science and Asian studies. Although the aforementioned studies were considered revolutionary at the time they were introduced, they are more important than ever today. Griffith University has since grown into a research-intensive and comprehensive university that ranks in the top 5% of universities around the world. Their research and teaching spans five campuses in South-East Queensland. The university also has a network of more than 120,000 graduates from around the world.

Griffith University recognises that the world operates in an interconnected way, and it includes research, teaching and study. Additionally, the university knows that industrial and professional environments change from time to time and institutions like them need to equip their students with the necessary skills and competence to adapt to such changes with ease. Griffith has a long history in the implementation of innovative teaching techniques and concepts, and this enables prospective students to learn in new teaching environments that are strategically designed to inspire and nurture innovation, collaboration and creativity throughout their undergraduate, postgraduate and other research degrees across various disciplines.

All in all, these are the three main universities to consider when you plan to further your education here in Brisbane, Australia. Take this opportunity to explore the available campuses to determine which one best suits your goals as well as pursuits for higher education. As a potential international student, you will have to execute thorough research by leveraging on the Internet and note down which universities you want to visit some time soon.

When you arrive in Brisbane, you should take advantage of services such as a coach or minibus hire since you are in a foreign country and you may not know your way around. When you hire such services, you can avoid wasting precious time or get lost in an unfamiliar location. If you are planning for a Brisbane campus tour marathon, a minibus enables you to visit all locations within a day or two.